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Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant

Achieve smoother, more youthful skin and an instant glow with Clear + Brilliant. A fan and celebrity favorite (just ask Jennifer Aniston), Clear + Brilliant is the no-downtime laser facial that delivers greater uniformity of skin tone, boosted radiance and enhanced overall appearance. Translation? Baby soft, blemish free, poreless skin that lasts for a month(!) or more.


What to Expect   Topical numbing cream is applied 10-15 minutes pre-treatment for enhanced comfort. Treatment is performed in 15-30 minutes. Immediately after treatment you will notice a slight pink hue to the skin that typically lasts 3-12 hours, which can be camouflaged with makeup. Up to ~5 days post-treatment your skin will have a rough "sandpapery" feel (that no one can see), before revealing fresh, glowing skin.

Good to Know   Safe for all skin types. Hottest treatment ~1 week before special event.

Sandra Says  "If you've never tried a laser facial before, this is the treatment that will get you addicted and give you a glow that gets you noticed!"

PicoSure Focus
PicoSure Focus

Target and erase every skin imperfection with PicoSure Focus. This gentle yet unbelievably effective laser treatment addresses three of the most common skin concerns: aging, pigmentation (dark spots, sun damage, freckles), and acne scarring. PicoSure uses gentle pressure instead of dangerous, damaging heat to deliver stunning results without long, painful recovery, making PicoSure treatments safe for every skin type, and even for stubborn conditions such as melasma. 

What to Expect   A comfortable treatment, every 30-45 minute PicoSure feels almost as if a dull pin prick is dragging across your skin. We pair every treatment with cryo-cooling for added comfort.

Good to Know   You get Fraxel like results with PicoSure, but with significantly less discomfort, zero downtime, at a fraction of the cost -- and its safe for all skin types.

Win, win, win, and win.

Sandra Says   "Ever seen yourself airbrushed or photoshopped? That could be your real life complexion after just a few sessions of PicoSure."

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