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Over the past decade plus, I have been in the business of touching others. Holding their faces in my hands, entrusted with the care of their skin — their body’s largest organ. But throughout these practices, I’d also say at each appointment, each and every one of them has touched my heart and mind. I think they’d say the same of me.


These people, these patients, they have become dear friends of mine. And at this “distancing” time, of “stay 6 feet away from me,” what am I to do, but to… Pause. Breathe. Reflect. Like many of you, due to the circumstances at hand, I simply cannot “do” what I “do.” And I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to see the silver lining in things.


To be able to take a step back and seize the opportunity to take a chance to take a break from working and from socializing, that we are obligated to do, to get some perspective and get in touch with being… human again. Beyond who we are as public figures or trusted professionals. Really, to get in touch with what we feel and who we are.


And, I think when time is ripe and ready to reemerge and reintroduce ourselves to the world, we will come out as better, more mindful people. Having slowed down, thought out, and gained a new appreciation for every ‘little moment.’ Perhaps, even that moment that you are once again back in my warm, welcoming spa bed.


When we can finally “catch up” again.


I wish I could’ve said when exactly that will be, but I don’t know and neither do you. But my promise is that whenever it is, I will be so ready for you. So thankful for your friendship, for your trust in me, for your support, and for letting me “do” what I “do.” This is not goodbye, loves. This is… see you soon.





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Sarah Phillips

I’m no longer so fixated on the wrinkles that are starting to appear because now at 33, they are starting to fade!

Fifty Two Thursdays

Natalie Strahorn

I never ever thought I'd be able to leave the house without foundation, and now I can thanks to Sandra and her team.

Xtend Barre Old Town

Shelby Anderson

My skin has never glowed as much as it has since my first treatment. Thank you, thank you!

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