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7 Myths About Laser: Busted

There are a number of common misconceptions about laser. These are the top 7 myths about laser.


“Laser is not safe for my skin tone.”

This may have been true in the past for those with darker complexions, but it’s false now. Select laser technology has advanced to the point where it can fire in a picosecond (one trillionth of a second) which prevents heat build up in the skin. No heat build up, no concerns about triggering pigmentation. With the right device, laser is for everyone!


“Laser needs lots of recovery time.”

False! Many lasers have little to no downtime, including Clear + Brilliant and PicoSure. You may remember some older technologies like Fraxel cause significant swelling, oozing, and more. But gone are the days when you need to hide out for a week when you book a laser treatment. Our patients hop on Zoom calls or have a photoshoot the very next day!


“Laser treatments are painful.”

We think not! Patients have described the feel of laser as a small rubber band snap on their skin (and they all keep coming back for more). We also go the extra mile to ensure your comfort with numbing cream application pre-treatment and a steady stream of cryo air during treatment which really makes it a breeze.


“Only celebs can afford laser.”

You don’t need to be JLO or the Kardashians for laser to be within reach! You may be surprised to find that the average laser treatment costs about as much as your monthly cut and color with your hairstylist. Laser facials are definitely something to budget for in your self care routine. Keep in mind, some HSAs allow you to use your funds for these!


“Creams can do the same thing as laser.”

Hate to break it to you, but nothing on the surface can compete with physics. Plain and simple. For example, PicoSure signals skin cells to release proteins which are detected by other cells. This encourages skin to heal as it produces new collagen and elastin (bye bye lines and wrinkles). So although skincare is essential to support, it’ll never replace laser.


“All lasers are the same.”

Some things in life may be one size fits all, but laser is not one of them. Just because one laser worked wonders for your friend, doesn’t mean it’s what you need too. So forget getting caught up in “brand names” or trends, leave your laser recommendation up to a professional who can select the right technology for you to achieve your skin goals.


“Lasers are harsh on skin.”

This belief is outdated. Back in the day, lasers were only ablative, which means they vaporized the outer layers of your skin to destroy cells and promote new growth. Today, most lasers — and the ones we call “laser facials” — are non-ablative and use various means to target the deeper layers of your skin to rejuvenate from the inside out. Not harsh, but smart!

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