Top 5 Reasons You Need to Swap Your Monthly Facial for a Laser Treatment

I'll come out and say it, laser is the new facial.

The truth is, I've never been a fan of facials. (Shocking, I know.) It's a bit of a dirty secret I've kept to myself for years in the aesthetic industry. It's not that facials are bad — I just find they don't deliver the everything and more* that spa goers are looking for in today's day and age.

*i.e. Shrink pores. Banish blackheads. Erase spots. Smooth lines. Even tone. Refine texture. Increase hydration. Produce collagen. Reduce redness. Improve elasticity. And so on.

Now, don't get me wrong. I pass no judgement on monthly facial lovers. Facials are a good start. In fact, I approve of anyone doing anything they can to improve skin health — as long as it doesn't include coconut oil, but that's a story for a different day. I just think you could be doing yourself, your skin, and your pocketbook more justice with a laser vs. a facial.

And I get it, you may not know all of your options, you might be scared to break from your routine, or you may have had that "one friend" who did something a little different and wound up looking like Samantha from that Sex and the City episode. You know which one I'm talking about. After that chemical peel.

But that was Season 5, and 2002 — since then, we've come a long way in the world of aesthetics — so fear not. Here's five reasons why, ladies and gentlemen, you absolutely need to swap your facial for a laser treatment, if only just once.

1) Laser is all the rage in Hollywood.

We might not be willing to admit it, but we all want to know and try what the stars are doing beauty wise. That, my friends, is the Clear + Brilliant. It's one of the treatments celebs got before this year's Oscars and oh, by the way, it's so notorious for giving the best glow that getting this very laser treatment has become a contract requirement during filming. Now, if A-listers like Jennifer Aniston are set-ready for HD cameras post-treatment, believe me when I say, you'll be A-OK to go back to work, even the same day. This is the number one treatment I recommend for facial to laser converts, and it's safe for all skin types.

Price per Treatment: $350 | Recommended Frequency: 4-6 Weeks | Clear + Brilliant Packages

2) You'll get Instagram-worthy Before and Afters.

We all snap and share a selfie here and there when our hair or skin is looking particularly on point. But, what if you could confidently take filter-free, naked skin selfies on a regular basis — not just the day of your facial? That is what laser can do for you. It's a matter of science, really. Laser can go places and do things that facials simply cannot. You point (out your problem), we click (to solve with the right laser). It almost seems unreal. But when you leave with your very own set of Before and After photos, you'll be a believer. And you better believe, they'll be good enough to share on Instagram for #TransformationTuesday, but you can keep 'em all to yourself. Your secret is safe with us.

How to Schedule a Complimentary Consultation | Are we following each other on Instagram?

3) You won't need to raid the shelves at Sephora anymore.

We've all been there before. After the initial hydration-induced glow of your facial fades, you head to the mall and scour the shelves at Sephora trying to fix the issue your facial couldn't. You buy up products that promise to shrink your pores, erase the sun damage you got at the beach, or really, really make those fine lines that are creeping up fade away for good. You spend a pretty penny (or half a paycheck) there, use the products for a few weeks, and go back for your next facial. Isn't it time for a change? Instead of trying every combination of semi-solution out there and ending up back at square one, free yourself by finding the laser treatment that's right for you. Fix your skin from within with laser and save yourself the money and aggravation that comes with buying and using expensive products that just kinda-sorta-maybe work.

The Most Coveted Laser Treatments | What I recommend to maintain laser results at home.

4) You get all that and more than a facial can offer.

It's like they always say in those late night infomercials — "but wait, there's more!" How can you resist, how can you say "no" to someone or something that's offering you everything you expected to get and an added bonus? The short answer is, you can't, and that's why like me, you might have a kitchen cabinet or closet full of "As Seen on TV" gadgets. So, exactly how does this relate back to our facial vs. laser debate? Well, facials work on a superficial level of the skin, closer to the surface, while lasers can do both — improve the surface while also bypassing it to reach deeper levels for major, long-term skin benefits such as stimulating collagen and elastin production. So laser is all that and more.

And the truth is...

5) You can honestly DIY a pretty good facial at home.

Right? Haven't you before? I know, it's a totally different experience, giving yourself a facial versus getting one with a professional (after all, they're professionals for a reason). But as a French woman, I was raised to treat skincare as a part of a sacred beauty ritual at home. Draw yourself a bath. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Cleanse and steam. Layer on a mask. Infuse your favorite serum. Massage in your cream. Dab on some delicious eye balm. Call it a night. No appointment needed. Because, a DIY facial is sometimes just the type of me-time you need.

With that, it goes without saying, all professionals have different philosophies. There will be some aesthetic practitioners who swear by facials, some who think laser is the devil, some who tout exfoliation as the key to flawless skin, others who say it's hydration. At the end of the day, you need to choose what works for you. And I'm a big believer that to do that, you have to try new things.

Feel free to ask me any laser-related question in the comments below or straight to my inbox because, I'm here to help you achieve your skin goals. And if and when you're ready to take the plunge to swap your facial for a laser treatment, you know where to find us.

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