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Voted Best Medical Spa — 2017

Northern Virginia Magazine

Helmed by award-winning French medical aesthetician Sandra Oulmas, Medi-Aesthetique Spa focuses on the balance of science and beauty, offering treatments that have been clinically proven to show results using technologies like Clear + Brilliant Perméa, Fraxel Re:pair, Ultherapy and PicoSure.


With facials, hair removal, acne treatments, anti-aging treatments and non-surgical lifts from brows to face to neck to knee, Medi-Aesthetique is reputedly used by the Metro-D.C. elite — politicians, TV personalities and professional athletes — to rejuvenate their look.

Voted Best Med Spa — 2017

Virginia Living Magazine

After a career formulating cosmetics in a French pharmacy, Sandra Oulmas launched Medi-Aesthetique Spa in 2008. She offers laser services, including Fraxel for uneven skin and Ultherapy for elasticity. She also offers laser hair removal for both men and women.

We all want perfect skin and most of us will stop at nothing to get it. From slathering on creams and serums to the latest and most innovative treatments that you can only get at your doctor’s office, [Sandra Oulmas shares one of] the 10 best ways to put yourself on the path to virtually flawless skin.

Exfoliation is crucial for healthy skin. Without it, skin cells can build up on the surface, making the skin look dull and dry. McLean, VA, aesthetician Sandra Oulmas says that in between spa visits, you can still get that fresh-from-a-facial glow by exfoliating with an at-home microdermabrasion product. “Formulas with ruby or sapphire crystals literally put professional skin-polishing power right in the palm of your hands. The Crystals help to even tone, minimize pores and smooth and prime skin beautifully for makeup application.”


Exfoliate two to three times per week to reap the benefits. 

DC Magazine is pleased to present the women of the Greater Washington, DC area who exemplify the leadership skills, knowledge, and dedication that place them in the elite of their fields. These are the women of distinction who stand out and influence others in our community.


"Sandra is the visionary behind luxury French skincare collection Oulmas Paris. Stateside for the past decade, Oulmas has acquired a large following of beauty devotees and has garnered attention for beautifying a number of our Nation's Capital's most visible faces. Going global by way of her eponymous collection, Oulmas called on her experience formulating in a storied boutique pharmacy in Versailles to 'capture timeless French beauty in a bottle.' And she has done just that."


"In France we believe 'beauté est intemporelle' --

beauty is timeless. My passion is to reveal

that inner allure to women worldwide."

True skincare connoisseurs know that a trip to Paris isn't complete without stocking up on the latest lotions and potions at an unassuming French pharmacy, where cutting-edge, age-defying, can't-find-in-America products line the shelves. But thanks to Sandra Oulmas, that overseas shopping trip may no longer be necessary. Oulmas, a medical esthetician at Medi-Aesthetique Spa recently launched a skincare collection that promises to bring France's beauty secrets to DC.


Oulmas Paris features a collection of anti-aging products developed by Oulmas herself, a one-time pharmaceutical formulator who spent the past six years shuttling back and forth from Virginia to Paris as she perfected her eponymous line. "I wanted to create products that were on my own wish list," she says, which includes a series of forthcoming neuropeptide-infused firming serums and lotions. Available now is The Crystals -- luxurious exfoliants made with sapphire crystals and antioxidants like red tea and seaweed extract from the Pyrenees region. The circular shape of The Crystals prevents microtears, while the gentle exfoliation enhances efficacy of any skincare regimen.


"The Crystals are a gateway to

flawless skin," Oulmas explains.

That's a gateway we're happy to enter.

We believe in cutting-edge treatments with clinically proven results and offer light-to-deep laser treatments and customized chemical peels. Medical Esthetician Sandra Oulmas states that the most popular treatments among NoVA residents include the Clear + Brilliant Perméa laser facial.


"Situated within a cosmetic surgery practice, [it's] not your typical spa, as it boasts a more clinical feel and approach to skincare," says Oulmas.


Voted Best Facial by the readers of

Northern Virginia Magazine

in June 2015 issue.

The place is more like a doctor’s office than a spa. After a few minutes, Oulmas came out to escort our tester to a private room. She spent time asking questions about his skin-care habits and seemed very knowledgeable. She made some observations—very politely—about his skin and suggested additional treatments to consider in the future.


Then the facial started... Oulmas used products that smelled nice but not perfumey. And they felt great. Every step of the way, she explained what she was doing and described what to expect. She gave such a great facial, not to mention a scalp and neck massage, that our reviewer almost fell asleep—Oulmas’s touch was firm yet delicate.


After the facial, she provided samples of some of the products used. There was no hard sell of any products or future services, and a slight confusion about the facial’s price was quickly resolved. Our tester’s skin looked smoother and healthier, with smaller pores and less discoloration. He left very relaxed—and vowing to go back.


Of note: The spa also offers chemical peels,

laser treatments, and laser hair removal.

Sandra Oulmas offers laser hair removal services for the full body for both ladies and gentlemen. "Our most popular treatment areas for ladies include bikini and underarms while the gentlemen we treat most often opt for hair removal on the neck and full back. However, we offer everything from face and hands, to feet and toes, the navel area and even nostrils,” Oulmas, medical esthetician. Prices vary, depending on the area of the body. Her spa offers a package of six treatments for the price of five, and often run specials.


Oulmas explains that permanent removals takes four to six treatments spaced six weeks apart. Prior to any treatment, it is advised that patients shave and remove all makeup and deodorant. The Lumenis LightSheer Duet uses vacuum-assist technology to penetrate deeply and painlessly and requires no cooling or topical anesthetics. “Our patients who come to us after painful or ineffective treatments elsewhere often don’t believe the laser is even on when the treatment is being performed!" Request complimentary laser hair removal consultation today.

Medi-Aesthetique Spa is recognized for its full list of laser hair removal services for men and women (and for any body part imaginable), their specialized employees and their orderly facilities.


Voted Best Laser Hair Removal

by the readers of Northern

Virginia Magazine in

June 2012 issue.

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